On Special Assignment

The Heavens were stirring with excitement. The angels and saints were fascinated with God’s newest creation. They looked down to earth to see the expectant family, happily making preparations, anticipating their new addition. God was pleased as He prepared to set the delivery in motion.

“Though each one is unique,” He said, “This one has special and distinct needs. She will be cute as a button, gifted with music and arts, gregarious and intelligent, yet as she matures, her brain will take a somewhat mysterious path. She will be prone to impulsivity, will find it hard to focus in one direction and addictions will tenaciously hold her. She will have a heart of deep love and compassion, but people will mislabel her, use her, overlook and reject her. She will suffer great and incontrollable emotional waves. She will be easily offended and blurt out venomous insults in sharp tones. People will not understand that this is her defense mechanism to protect her fragile inner self – one of the most delicate of all. She will, at times, feel imprisoned inside her head and her body while she yearns to live the life of her dreams the way so many others around her are doing.”

“Why would you give her such hard things in her life?” the angels asked God. 

“Oh, but there is so much more to her than the hard things,” He said. “She is a delightful, playful soul. She is creative, tenacious and resourceful. She will be a blessing to others because she will identify with others’ afflictions. She will love those that others often find unlovable. She will fight for the underdog, the misunderstood and mistreated. But because of her sensitive spirit, she will often give so much that she will lose herself in the process.”

“Will this family know how to deal with all this?” the angels probed.

God replied with a confident smile, “I chose this family for her because they will love her the way she needs to be loved. They will go the extra miles to understand her. They are not perfect people, but they are perfect for her.” 

Then, His face grew serious as He continued, “They will be totally enthralled with this little bundle of energy. Because of their great affection for her, they will ride along on her emotional waves. They will feel crushed when she is crushed. They will grit their teeth with a righteous anger when she has been wronged or abused. Their hearts will ache when they see her tears, yearning to be fulfilled with the gifts in life she sees others enjoy. 

At times, her parents will doubt themselves and feel like failures because they are unable to produce for her a successful and happy life that others are able to guide their children to enjoy. At times, other family members will feel overlooked or forgotten because the drama in her life has drawn the spotlight.”

“But, over time, their perspectives will grow as she changes, rearranges and molds their lives into a new form they never imagined. Because of their intense love for her, they will persevere; they will cry out to God, become totally dependent on Him and deepen their walk in faith. As they begin to let go of their black and white views, their lives will become more selfless. Their hearts will become tuned to the infirmities of others, their minds open to sacrificing for others’ needs, and their attitudes more patient, tolerant and enduring. Their hands will serve with love, their feet will endure the rocky path, and their backs will shoulder the load with unexpected perseverance and then joy.

She is a treasure, a rare blue diamond in the rough. They will see her as the gift she really is, when they push for understanding on a deeper level. They will realize the privilege they have in being her earthly family. As they learn to love her the way she needs to be loved, they will be transforming in My image.

“You see,” God continued, “life isn’t about attaining personal comfort, contentment or credentials. Life is about giving our hearts in the fullest measure, sacrificially, so that all who are on this journey together will share in the rewards. 

“I have an important mission for this young woman’s life,” God concluded. “Always remember she is in My sovereign hand. I will never forget her or leave her alone; I will be with her wherever she goes. No one can snatch her out of My hand. She will pull the heartstrings of all who love her, and in so doing, she will be a minister of My love to all those around her, whether they choose to see it or not. 

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. My peace I give you. In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.”


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