Erica's (and her daughter's) Story

I have struggled with delusions, racing thoughts, depressive episodes, hallucinations, and severe mood fluctuations for a good part of my adult life. It has often been a constant struggle. We cannot say that our mental illnesses will be cured; however, we can say that our lives can and will get better. 

Recovery is long-term in nature and giving life another chance and a fresh start is a perfect attitude with which to begin. With NAMI, I have been able to not only learn from other individuals with similar experiences, but I have also been able to “give back” by providing support to even more individuals. 

Feeling connected is one of the wonderful aspects of NAMI and it has been a life-changing experience. Living with schizoaffective disorder has been an uphill battle for me. However, with the right medications, lifestyle changes, support and therapy, it has proven to be a prodigious experience.


Merceydeis (Erica's Daughter)
My mother was depressed, emotional, and manic. She would become sad and angry over things that people wouldn't normally become sad and angry about. Then she would become so happy that she would do things that were not very realistic, which I now know as delusions. However, my mother has accomplished many goals: made it all the way to a PhD program, maintained an excellent career, ran her own business, effectively managed her symptoms of mental illness.

But most importantly she has been a great mother, supporting me in everything. My mother still has her bad days when she is depressed, and goes to bed, or experiences mania (or what I call adrenaline days), but she still has definitely succeeded in life. I am very lucky as a child, to live with a person who has overcome something and to have her in my life.


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