A new youth movement launched by NAMI Wisconsin that empowers teens to create a new conversation about mental health through peer support, education, leadership development and civic advocacy.

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State of Teen Mental Health in Wisconsin

  1 in 5 Youth Ages 14–24 are Living with a Serious Mental Illness

1 in 5 Youth Ages 14–24 are Living with a Serious Mental Illness

  The Average Delay Between Onset of Symptoms and Intervention is 8–10 Years

The Average Delay Between Onset of Symptoms and Intervention is 8–10 Years

  About 50% of Students Age 14 and Older with a Mental Illness Drop Out of High School

About 50% of students over 14 with mental illness drop out of high school

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The high school years and the transition from high school to college are critical periods in the lives of young people.

State and federal priorities have identified a significant need to expand services and interventions for transition-age youth (ages 14 to 24) and provide early intervention. But, a gap remains — giving a voice to the young people themselves. There is no statewide initiative to cultivate youth leaders in the area of mental health in Wisconsin. California is the only state that has developed a youth mental health leadership curriculum. NAMI Wisconsin has use the experience from California to develop Raise Your Voice (RYV), a program that is designed specifically for Wisconsin young people.


A Solution...


A Club Dedicated to Increasing Mental Illness Awareness, Inspiring Advocacy and Promoting Acceptance.*

Welcoming Students Who
  • Are passionate about creating a safe and supportive environment
  • Live with a mental health condition
  • Are a family member or a friend of someone with a mental health condition
  • Have an interest in mental health awareness and advocacy
Raise Your Voice Club
  • Empowers young people to speak up and create an open dialogue about mental health
  • Fosters safe and accepting cultures that promote and support mental wellness for all
  • Creates a community that works to reduce stigma on campus by being role models of acceptance and supportive behavior towards others
  • Promotes acceptance for students living with or who know someone who is living with a mental health condition
  • Provides information, resources and tools for teachers, administrators, parents and youth
  • Connects schools with mental health resources, services and support
  • Elevates school culture and student mental wellness
  • Cultivates youth leaders around civic advocacy at the local, state and national levels
  • Develops youth leadership
RYV Club Is Not
  • Support or therapy group
  • A place to get diagnosed
  • About identifying or labeling others who may or may not have a mental illness

*PLEASE NOTE: All RYV materials, trainings, presentations, etc., are no cost.)



Student Benefits
  • Develops leadership skills and become mental health advocates
  • Expands awareness of mental health and wellness
  • Impacts peers
School & Community Benefits
  • Establishes a school as a place that values mental wellness for all
  • Reduces stigma and discrimination against mental illness
  • Fosters a safe and accepting culture
  • Offers an ongoing forum (club) that focuses on raising mental health awareness
  • Establishes or strengthens a relationship with the local NAMI affiliate that connects students and teachers with mental health services in their community
  • Identifies students who need services earlier in life, which results in less costly interventions later in life


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  • Youth and their families will recognize early symptoms and be empowered to seek help.
  • Youth will receive early intervention, education and support allowing them to fulfill their educational goals and develop into thriving adults.
  • Investing in youth leadership enables future leaders to take control of the conversation and advocate to change the way people in Wisconsin think about youth mental health.


Mental Health Hotlines

Boys Town National Hotline: 1-800-448-3000

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Textline: Text CONNECT to 741741

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How to Start a Raise Your Voice Club*


  1. Contact NAMI Wisconsin or Your Local NAMI Affiliate. We will begin the simple process by connecting with your Raise Your Voice Club school advisors (preferably two) for a free, one day Honest, Open, Proud facilitator training. This training can be completed any time before your club meets, even the year before.
  2. Raise Your Voice Club Workshop is a one-hour workshop for RYV club advisors and student club members. This workshop can be held whenever students and advisors are available, before or after school, lunch period, etc.

*PLEASE NOTE: All RYV materials, trainings, presentations, etc., are no cost.)

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