Bodies Beyond Beauty

Bodies are a funny thing to judge and compare, yet we all do it. Given that literally every single person’s DNA is different, how could we ever expect our bodies to match one given standard?

We can get so caught up in what our bodies look like and whether they fit the current body ideal, which will probably be different in 5 years anyway. We analyze and nitpick every nook and cranny of our bodies, wishing we could wave a magic wand to become taller, thinner, muscular, more fit.

This is problematic when we become so preoccupied with food and weight issues and it overcomes other aspects of life. This is often an early sign of eating disorders. Research tells us that 1 in 20 people will be affected at some point in their lives.  

Instead, it is crucial for us to recognize all the amazing things are bodies do for us each and every day. Every moment, out heart beats strong and our lungs breathe deep. When we eat, our cells transform food into energy to fuel us. Each of our fingers has its own specific job to be the complex power that is our hands. Our head alone generates and processes all of our five senses, interacting with the brain to create our experience of life.

This is something to  c e l e b r a t e.

Our bodies complete all of these miracles every day, and we choose to say “I wish my stomach were flatter”. Our bodies are so much more than their external appearance. They are so different, and yet so similar. They are power and ability and strength and love. Our bodies are beyond beautiful.

Note: Coping with an eating disorder is not easy. But if you or a family member or friend is struggling, there is help. NAMI and NAMI affiliates are there to provide you with support and information on community resources.

If you’d like additional support relating to eating disorders, please click here.