Reminder: You Are Enough

Especially within the community of people with mental illness, it is so common to feel that we are not enough: not doing enough, not doing things well enough, not being good enough. Negative thoughts and feelings and low self-esteem make it difficult to feel accomplished and successful, because we can always find the shortcomings and mistakes. The outside world tends to add to these feelings since we are constantly being reminded of what others are taking on and accomplishing.

What I’m going to say next might sound cliché, but it is completely necessary: no matter what, You Are Enough. Regardless of your successes and failures, your strengths and weaknesses, your eases and hardships, you are enough, simply for the reason that you are a person and you matter. There is innate value in every human being, including you. This value is not diminished by a failed relationship, the loss of a job, a bad grade, or even a bad day. Such things are mere life experiences that help shape us and make us who we are as people, but they do not make us matter less or make us insufficient.

If you are struggling with feeling that you aren’t enough, resist searching for that reassurance from outside places, because it needs to be found from within. So repeat after me: I am enough. Say it 100 times if you need to; write it on your mirrors; put a daily reminder in your phone. It may take time and a lot of disbelief at first, but it is worth it; YOU are worth feeling like you’re enough and feeling good about yourself. Once you truly begin to see your value, which is not based on what you do or how well you do it, you will begin to notice how extraordinary you really are- just for being you.