A Word of Encouragement to Myself

My Dear Self,

It’s been a hard time for you lately. Finding motivation to do much has been really challenging, and you often feel disappointed in what little you manage to accomplish. You constantly are battling thoughts that bring you down, discourage you, and make life feel meaningless. It’s like you’re pushing against a boulder that’s been rooted in cement, and it is incredibly tiring.

But my dear self, I want to remind you of how resilient you are. Every day, you keep on going, even when it feels impossible. You fall down, yet you manage to get back up, even if not immediately. You are doing a great job, even if it does not feel like it.

You are always so hard on yourself! You do not need to be. You have overcome so many things and gotten past every challenge so far. Don’t you see? All that you have managed, the mountains you have climbed? YOU did that. Strong, beautiful YOU.

Do not worry about the future challenges to come. There will always be more, because life likes to keep us on our toes. But just as you’ve conquered diversity in the past, you will conquer it again in the future. Do not worry, my dear self. You are able.

A final word, my dear self: if others try to make you feel anything less than strong, beautiful, powerful, capable, lovable, remind them of their strength. We do not become more successful by tearing down others’ successes. Rather, we must lift each other up. And as you lift them up, you will build yourself up as well.

Very much love,

Written by Heather Ehnert, Communications & Advocacy Intern