Put Your Voices into Action!

Everyone can be an advocate! But it can be difficult to know where to start.

While passionate and devoted, mental health advocates don't always know how effective their stories can be in encouraging legislative action. This training, which is structured to meet the needs of different learning styles and is adaptable to various advocacy issues, is designed to provide those skills.

You may ask yourself a number of questions: Is my story important? What do I want to change? Who has the power to do that? Now there is an answer!

This year we are thrilled to make available Voices in Action, a customized version of NAMI Smarts. Whether you are a mental health consumer, family member or services provider, everyone has a story to tell. The hard part is figuring out how to tell it and who your audience should be.

Voices in Action is an hour and a half long, step-by-step training that teaches you the skills to effectively write and tell your mental health story in order to inspire change. We are thrilled that it will now be made available on the NAMI Wisconsin website for all to take advantage of.

Previously, only a few NAMI leaders in the state were trained in Voices in Action, limiting the audience that could receive it due to time and travel restrictions. Now, the training can be taken in the comfort of your own home in front of your computer screen or as a group at a NAMI affiliate office. All handouts and materials are included and the best part is that it is free.

Our hope is that 2016 will inspire a whole new wave of advocates to take action to improve the mental health system in their communities or on the state and national levels. There really is no limit to how far one can create change. For more information, please contact your local affiliate or Crystal Hester, NAMI Wisconsin’s Advocacy Coordinator, at 608-268-6000 or crystal@namiwisconsin.org. Get connected with your local NAMI affiliate at namiwisconsin.org/find-help-near-you.


Whether you are a consumer, family member or service provider, everyone has a story to tell. But how and where does one begin? Voices in Action is an interactive training that teaches you the skills to effectively tell your story of mental illness in order to inspire change. The hour and a half long, step-by-step training helps you develop a concise, effective version of your personal story to use as the foundation of your advocacy in order to build knowledge, confidence and competence in basic legislative advocacy skills. Learn how to write emails, make phone calls and have in-person meetings with policymakers that make a difference!

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