2017 Policy Priorities Survey-- We Need Your Input!


Dear NAMI Wisconsin Supporters... We Need Your Input! 

Currently, NAMI Wisconsin advocates on the state level for wide-ranging issues. In choosing key legislative priorities for the upcoming session, we need your input. NAMI is a grassroots organization and we want to reflect your views.

The link below lists 10 advocacy issues. We hope to choose 4-5 priorities among this list to focus our advocacy efforts in 2017. These 10 issues were chosen for several reasons:

  1. Many are related to investments or commitments that Governor Walker and the Legislature made that we want to make sure are carried out successfully.
  2. Many are long-standing NAMI Wisconsin advocacy issues that our members continually prioritize.
  3.  The NAMI Wisconsin Public Policy and Advocacy Committee has focused on some of these issues in their work.

In order to gain a general sense of your priorities, we ask you to rank the issues. When ranking these issues, keep in mind that "N/A" is a possible choice. If you would prefer to rank only a couple of issues, feel free to mark the others "N/A" and only rank your top priorities.

To take the 2017 policy priorities survey, please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2017policysurvey

For more information on these issues, please visit: http://www.namiwisconsin.org/nami-on-the-issues/

Note: Paper and electronic responses will be collected until Thursday, December 1, 2016.