NAMI Wisconsin Launches New Website for CIT/CIP Officers

Last October, NAMI Wisconsin was awarded a state wide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and Crisis Intervention Partner (CIP) expansion grant, meaning that NAMI Wisconsin is taking the lead on expanding the 40-hour Crisis Intervention Team training for law enforcement and the 16-hour Crisis Intervention Partners training for correctional officers within the WI Department of Corrections. This is truly an invigorating initiative as NAMI Wisconsin will work in partnership with our existing training teams to expand trainings, establish statewide and local steering committees, develop new training sites in central, western, and northern regions of the state, and has recently launched the first state wide CIT/CIP website.

This website serves as the central location for all information on CIT/CIP trainings throughout the state. It contains general information about CIT/CIP, a full training calendar with locations, dates, and contact information, handouts, photos, testimonials, quotes, and news updates. It also provides information on local departments and counties who have CIT trained officers along with their contact information.

The website was created not just for law enforcement, but for anyone who is interested in Crisis Intervention Training. This includes individuals in the department of corrections, social workers, NAMI affiliates/members, mental health advocates, and community members who want to learn more about CIT/CIP trainings and see the progress of Crisis intervention within Wisconsin.

Please visit to learn more about CIT/CIP and how this training can benefit your Community.