Affiliate Bingo Challenge

Show your NAMI spirit while participating in this SUPER fun membership BINGO contest! This contest is designed for everyone – members, non-members, board members, facilitators, community partners, etc. with the idea in mind that this will help inspire you to get more involved with your local affiliate and NAMI at large! For more information on the contest, contact your local affiliate or Kyira Hauer at or 608-268-600!

Dates and Deadlines:

  • March 15 - BINGO contest begins!
  • August 31 – DEADLINE for ALL submissions (yes you have time but I encourage you to start early!!!)
  • September 16 – Winners of the BINGO contest revealed – via September E-News and personal email/call to winners

How do I get started?

Download the BINGO card below! Or you can contact your local affiliate or Kyira Hauer at NAMI Wisconsin at 608-268-6000 or to get a BINGO card.

What if I am not yet a member of NAMI? How do I get connected with an affiliate?

This event is a GREAT way to begin your membership and work with NAMI and we are excited to have you on board! To get started, feel free to contact Kyira at NAMI Wisconsin and she can help get you connected with your local affiliate and get you all set up to start playing BINGO! See above for contact information.


1.    NO Cheating! That’s it – the only rule! We want you to have fun and find new ways to get involved with NAMI. Because of that, we want to make this contest as easy as possible to participate with little to no red tape! So have fun, work hard and remember, no cheating!

What happens when I get BINGO?

Contact your affiliate leaders to have them approve of and sign off on your form. Then, you will submit the BINGO card using the information below. Note, if you need help getting the BINGO card to NAMI Wisconsin, your affiliate leaders would be more than happy to help!

What if I get more than one BINGO or a blackout entry?

Each BINGO completion will get you an additional entry into the drawing up to a maximum of 5 entries. Blackout cards will get a total of 5 entries into the drawing.

Submit to NAMI Wisconsin:

Electronically: Email Kyira Hauer at with the subject line "BINGO Contest"

Mail: NAMI Wisconsin, Attn: Kyira Hauer, 4233 West Beltline Hwy, Madison, WI 53711

**Please note there is a requirement that each BINGO card be signed off by an affiliate leader before submitting. If you have any barriers to sending this to NAMI Wisconsin directly, please contact your local affiliate and they will ensure it is delivered!


  • All completed BINGO cards will be entered for a chance to win a FREE 2-Day conference registration to the 2016 NAMI Wisconsin Annual Conference with 1 night lodging (Friday night)
  • The affiliate with the most submissions will win a $150 mini grant for community outreach and membership development

Click here to download your BINGO card now!