Creating a Tree of Hope, one leaf at a time

With the winter season quickly approaching, our team took some time to really reflect on our growing membership and feel truly blessed for each of you standing with us in support of our mission and help fight every day against the stigma of mental illness. Keeping your courage and tenacity at the forefront of our mind when coming up with our winter fundraiser, we decided we wanted to truly highlight the Strength and Hope that each of you brings to the table by building a Tree of Hope, one leaf at a time.

As a part of our fundraiser, you will have the opportunity to purchase a leaf to celebrate yourself or someone in your life who truly embodies the spirit of Hope and Strength in every day of their life. Each leaf will become a part of a large tree that will bring together and connect people from all over the state (and hopefully beyond) and remind us how strong we are when we bring everyone together and join as one. There will be three different types of leaves available for purchase depending on the size of the donation you would like to make and in addition to being able to recognize someone close to you on a leaf, we will also send them a card with a personal message if you so choose as connection is what help keeps us strong and brings hope to our worlds.

We hope that you will consider being a part of this movement and help show the world just how strong we can be when we are united.

For more information and to donate to the Tree of Hope go to