Hope Starts with YOU

Every 65 minutes a Veteran loses their life to suicide. 

This tragedy is alarming. In response, NAMI works to provide veterans and their families the resources and support needed for recovery. We advocate tirelessly to remove the barriers that prevent veterans and service members from seeking and getting the help they need.

For many of the men and women who have served our country, the battle for mental health can be a daily challenge. The visible and invisible wounds that many carry can be life-threatening in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand. And when a veteran is struggling with a mental health challenge, their families are often struggling as well.

Movies and TV shows often show us the glamorous or gritty parts of battle. We see the heroics, the bravery or the special effects. But rarely do we see what happens afterwards: the homecoming, adjusting to civilian life, losing unit support and camaraderie and dealing with physical and mental trauma.

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