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10th Annual Healing Art Show

Healing Art Show Logo 2014

Each year, NAMI Wisconsin hosts the Healing Art Show as a part of Mental Illness Awareness Week in October. The show features the works of local artists with mental illness who creatively express themselves through various forms of art. The purpose of the Healing Art Show is to break down stigma surrounding mental illness. By showcasing the artistic works created by people with mental illness we want to highlight the creative talents and personal strengths that far overshadow any mental illness. 


The 10th Annual Healing Art Show exhibition has concluded. We thank you for supporting NAMI Wisconsin and making this year’s show such a success!

Call for Art for the 11th Annual Healing Art Show will be announced in April 2017. Please contact Jamie, PR & Events Coordinator, at with any questions. Thank you! 

Thank you to the following artists
who participated in the
10th Annual Healing Art Show

Jimmy Yanny

Judith J. Bradshaw-Rouse

Karen Boer

Kathleen Evans


KM De Bruyne

Laura Cynkar

Linda Larson Schlitz

Lisa Mohr


Mary A. Lochmann

Melissa Meade

Michael A. Ward

Naomi S.


Tabi S.

Therese Wensel

Tori Cavanaugh

Angela McCormick

Angie Cunnington

Ann Washbush


Becky Zachary

Catherine L. Nowak

Cheryl J. Iverson

Community Corner Clubhouse- Member's and Staff

Connections Counseling Art Therapy Group

Cortney Christiansen

Danota J. Jakimowicz

David Feingold

David Murie

Janet Rose Skinner

Janice M. Werlein

Jed (not Jedidiah)

Jennifer Johnson

Check out photos from the opening Reception of the Healing Art Show!

Thank you to VSA Wisconsin for Hosting the Show! 

Thank you to VSA Wisconsin for Hosting the Show!